Zero Balance Company Bank accounts in UAE | Freezone | Mainland

If you are looking for banks that provide zero balance company bank accounts in UAE, you have come to the right place. The reason why we are writing this because we faced a lot of issues to set up the company account for our company and while googling online, we understood many people actually face the same issue. Even though UAE is being ranked 16th in the 20 easiest countries to set up a business, it is a lot difficult in getting your bank account setup, especially if you are a free zone registered company.  This article applies only to startups who expect to have a turnover of less than 5M or with no much funding and want to set up a zero balance company account to get things moving.

Disclaimer: The following article is from our personal experience and offers during the time we researched to had set up our company account. Amendments to policies are made all the time. Please check with your bank before proceeding. 

If you are a freezone company looking to get a bank account ready, This article is for you. The list will be updated from time to time.

Documents that you need or banks ask

  • Trade license (Mandatory)
  • Company partners list, Occupancy agreement, and Certificate of Incorporation document.
  • 6 Month personal Bank statement of the signatory.
  • Please provide prospect customers’ names.
  • Resume (CV) of the signatory. 
  • Detailed Company profile along with a line of business going to conduct.
  • Company Stamp

PS: In case you are new in the UAE and might not have some of these details (especially clients), You can always speak with your bank representative. More details would be required based on your trade license as well.

Banks that provide Zero Balance Account for Freezone / Mainland are

ADCB Freezone zero balance

ADCB is one of the largest commercial banks in the UAE. Earlier in May 2019, 3 major banks ADCB, UNB, and Al Hilal Bank have merged to create the ADCB Group, a powerful new force in the UAE banking sector. They have various plans based on each business, moreover, the best thing which we found is the easiness of setting up the bank account. Speak with the agents below, to know more about setting up your zero balance account within UAE. We were helped by Mr. Fasih (+971 58 996 2678) with our bank account setup. You can also connect with the ADCB branch near you.

RAKBANK, also known as the National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah (P.S.C) a Public Joint Stock Company, is one of the oldest and most dynamic banks in the UAE. Founded in 1976, the Bank underwent a major transformation in 2001, with a shift in focus from Corporate Banking to Personal and Business Banking. RAKBANK has launched a business starter plan, which aims to provide support for SMEs to easily open bank accounts.  You can easily apply for the plan online and one of the RAK Representatives will call you back. You need the above documents ready to expedite the process.

Click here to learn more about RAKstarter Plan

Click here to know all about the accounts that RAKBANK Offer.

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Local Online Business Directories in UAE.

A good way to get noticed immediately after the launch of your business is to get a website developed. If you don’t have the budget for that, you can get your business listed across various local online business directories in UAE. This is a good way to build brand awareness and get potential customers to call your business or visit your place. A lot of online business directories in the UAE have developed to a point where your particular business niche/ Brands has already listed under their categories.

Local directories can Improve your Domain Ranking & Get you more Website Visits.

Being a web development and SEO company, we are often asked by our customers, how to improve their digital presence without spending a dime on digital marketing. While Digital marketing plays an important role, adding your business to these local directories is a part of digital marketing, also known as Local SEO. These online directories could provide you with quality backlinks that could boost the Domain Authority ( A score used by Search engines to verify your credibility).

Why Getting a listing in Business directories in UAE is important?

  • Boost digital presence
  • Improve Domain Authority (SEO)
  • Generate more visitors to your website.
  • Advertisements
  • Research & get insights into your competitors.

PS: Before we begin, we request you to be consistent with the data that is filled across the directories.

UAE Online Directories verified by Us.

  1. Google Business:  We all are familiar with Google MAPS. From reviews to finding a place, we use it. In order to make sure that your business appears on google maps, get your business listed through google business.
  2. offers a comprehensive listing solution. As per the stats from Similar web, they have approx. 75,000 Visitors to their site.
  3. Searfi: Searfi is an online directory of the UAE’s local businesses, targeting millions of people living in and visiting the UAE, searching for Products, Brands, Locations, and Services. Search results are listed by location, so users can easily find what they’re looking for.
  4. : Yello is also another business listing company in UAE. It also has a section for job postings. is a paid platform and even to get your company listed you need to pay.
  5. AtnInfoAtninfo is one of the leading directories in UAE, with almost 184.39K Visitors (as per the stats from similar web). It has a huge database of suppliers listed.
  6. Etisalat yellow pages UAE is one of the largest B2B platforms. The registration is free and they have multiple packages that provide various advertisement and featured functionality. However, they are also offering a 12months free package.
  7. Yellowpages-UAE: Not to be confused with, this is a similar B2B directory platform that offers listings for free and paid marketing services to promote your business.
  8. Hubbae :  Hubbae is one of the upcoming online directories in the UAE. Hubbae also has property listings, hotels, Job listings, and soon to launch a marketplace. The paid subscriptions start from USD 32.

The following sites were verified by our team. Do comment below if you know of any other Online directories within UAE. Don’t forget to share this article with your team, and get listed to boost your online rankings.